Destination Care / Destination Deliveries

Many of Saddle River Women’s Health’s patients live internationally (Russia, Italy, France, England and Azerbaijan), and desire to deliver their child in the United States. Coordinating their care from our private and discrete Saddle River office with their obstetrical clinics abroad, we are able to follow their pregnancy progress, recommend perinatal specialists in their countries and then discretely arrange for their prenatal care in our office when they and their families arrive here in the States.

By coordinating all aspects of their care personally, our providers are able to arrange personalized individualized tours, anonymity for admission, private and hospital security team coordination, coordination for family, relatives and friends, private catering and hosting rooms, teams of specialized physicians and nurses to care for them and their newborn while at the hospital. In addition, to maximize the well being of their newborn – vaccinations of their families and staff, either in the office, at their home or hotel – to prevent transmission of Influenza and Petrusis, can be arranged.

This personalized service continues until they are back on their way home with their new family and continues through the years as their family grows