About Clinical Services

Complete obstetrical, gynecological and women’s health services are offered at this private practice in Saddle River, New Jersey.  This includes individualized services specific to women of all ages – adolescents through the entire life cycle.

Saddle River Women’s Health can devote the time necessary to explore your history, listen to your questions, examine you, and develop a personal health management plan for you – compassionately, reassuringly, and unhurriedly.

Our providers personally gathers your history and examines you – there are no medical checklists to fill out or time spent reciting your history to a medical assistant.

With our complete and thorough medical history and physical examination, a cornerstone for effective assessment and diagnosis, our providers will be able to review past and current problems and look for susceptibilities based on personal and family backgrounds, as well as your personal habits.

Through Saddle River Women’s Health’s long standing professional and personal relationships with specialists and sub-specialist in the various fields of Adult and Pediatric Medicine, Surgery and its sub-specialties and Adult, Child and Adolescent psychiatry and psychology and in the fields of high risk perinatal medicine, we are able to refer our patients to many local, regional, national and internationally acclaimed physicians when needed to optimize and maximize the best care possible for our patients.