Saddle River Women's Health is unwavering in our commitment to our guiding principle: personal, individual, unrushed attention to every patient.

This, together with our internationally recognized expertise, has brought us devoted patients not just locally or nationally, but from all over the world —women who seek our care from as far as Russia, France and Italy. From a pre-adolescent’s first visit, through pregnancy and delivery, to post-reproductive years, women rely on us through the entire continuum of their lives. The confidence that women feel when in our care is the net result of everything we brings to our practice—and to you:

Barring unforeseen circumstances, most times you will be the only one in the reception area, where instead of waiting, you will be greeted and attended to immediately.

Scheduling is done so you always get an unrushed, thorough, attentive examination, as well as time to discuss any issues.

You will have the opportunity to establish a relationship whereby the doctor understands you as an individual: you are not just a body, you are a person and your needs may be quite different from the next person.

Your phone calls will be returned in a timely manner, your test results reviewed and discussed with you personally, your questions taken seriously and answered as fully as you need. You will never be left in the dark, wondering what is happening, or with unnecessary doubts or anxiety.

Consistent with our commitment to exceptional care, Saddle River Women’s Health’s standards regularly exceed numerous governing medical organizations.

Our affiliation with Hackensack Meridian Health—and especially our relationship with their superb Women’s and Children’s Pavilion— with all its ancillary support, insures that you have access to the finest in-hospital care as well as in our own office.

When a referral or consultation with a specialist in some area of your care is appropriate, you are assured of being referred to the best in that field, whether locally, regionally, nationally, or even internationally.